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Felipe Pelaez Unveils ‘Diverso’ Album Cover & Track List, Plus ‘A Bebe’ Video With Patrick Romantik: Exclusive

Felipe Peláez is unveiling the cover and track list of new studio album Diverso, plus a video for the focus single “A Bebe” with Patrick Romantik, exclusively on Billboard below.

Paying tribute to the album’s title, which means “diverse” in English, the artist, characterized by his traditional tropical rhythms and vallenato, explores different musical genres, including pop, reggae, merengue and urban.

In Diverso, Peláez brings eight fresh tracks including a heartfelt collaboration with his daughter Sara called “Que Canten Los Niños” and the focus track “A Bebé” in collaboration with Peruvian singer-songwriter Patrick Romantik. Other collaborators on the set include Venezuela artist Michel Puché and newcomer Zandú. (See cover and track list exclusively below)

Composed by Andrés Castro, Edgar Barrera and Romantik, “A Bebé” tells the story of a man who thought he wouldn’t fall in love again but he did — and now he’s disappointed.

“I just kissed her, she danced for me, at the end of the night, she disappeared/ I just kissed her, and I fell in love, there is no one to save me, and I don’t know what to do anymore/ Now it’s my turn to drink, I’m going to drink to forget about that woman,” Peláez sings in the chorus.

Patrick Romantik, who has penned songs for Thalia and Enrique Iglesias, to name a few, adds his urban touch, bringing to life a captivating melody ready for the summer.

The music video, directed by Alfredo Gonzalez, shows the two artists performing the track on the lively Las Vegas strip because — after all, what’s better than Sin City after a heartbreak?

Watch the music video for “A Bebé” below: