Kanye West Says Jack Harlow Is a ‘Top 5’ Rapper Following ‘Nail Tech’ Release

Jack Harlow gets Kanye West‘s stamp of approval.

Following the release of Harlow’s new single, “Nail Tech,” Ye took to Instagram on Friday (Feb. 18) to shout out his fellow rap star. “This n—- can raaaaaaap bro And I’m saying n—- as a compliment Top 5 out right now,” he captioned a screenshot of the music video from YouTube, which indicated that the clip was No. 10 on the platform’s trending videos for music.

The love for Harlow comes just months after the “Whats Poppin” rapper talked with British GQ about the huge influence Ye has had on his style, from adding the crucial horn stabs on “Baby” to teaching him that songs are never really done.

“I think he sees himself as Mozart or Beethoven,” Harlow told the magazine about West, who continued updating his album, Donda, even after its release. “I think he’s worried, not about what it looks like now but what it will look like in 100 years. Take what happened with the Taylor Swift situation: at the time it was all pitchforks, but now people treat that as iconic. I am always fascinated to see what he does next. This Donda roll-out, people are going to remember that for years.”

He added that Ye inspires him in his songwriting, as he’s “always noticing lines I could improve” in the music creation process. “But I think people appreciate truth and I think when you have guys like Kanye and songs like ‘All Falls Down’ and being that vulnerable… It changed so many people’s lives. As opposed to ‘Here’s why I am the s–t,’ it’s ‘Here’s why I am not the s–t.’”



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