Billboard NXT Winner Bronze Avery Unveils Powerful ‘Cry A Lot’ Music Video

After becoming the first winner of Billboard NXT — a first-of-its-kind singing competition from Billboard and Samsung Galaxy, designed to discover the next great unsigned artist using TikTok — Bronze Avery has unveiled the stunning music video for his new single, “Cry A Lot.”

Avery’s video sports a distinct vintage feel, with the singer/producer captured in oversaturated film while belting out his latest track against a sunny Los Angeles backdrop. “Cry A Lot” highlights Avery’s vulnerable side, with moving lyrics showcasing Avery’s struggle to get a firm grasp his emotions.

The pop-infused R&B track is just a hint of what’s to come for the NXT winner. Avery’s Billboard cover story debuted last month, chronicling his journey to become the first champion of the NXT competition. After weeks of unique and exciting challenges, Avery was mentored by his pop idol, Charli XCX, before wowing the audience at the Billboard NXT finale in December.

“I’ve never won anything,” he told Billboard. “I couldn’t believe I had even made it to the finale. I’m just here because I’m so inspired by artists who are authentic to themselves. For that reason, I know that ultimately, I’m never going to be in competition with anyone else, because I am me.”

In the coming months, Avery will record his debut studio album and attend the 2022 Billboard Music Awards as a part of his big win.