How “Rage Yoga” Calms You Down

If you play music you already know the release that comes with slamming through a fast and furious song.

Pounding on a keyboard, thrashing a guitar, or beating drums.

And singing your heart out is very therapeutic.

Here’s a new method you’ll relate to.

Rage Yoga.


Makes sense. We’ve all built up ‘dark shadows’ inside. Yoga is a unifying practice so it makes sense to let go now and then and turn loose a few pent up emotions.

Yoga often results in open weeping anyway.

It has to do with letting go of pent up emotions when the body gets a release physically or emotionally.

Rage Yoga is a way to get in touch with your own personal tensions in a controlled setting. Smart, really.

Like music, there are all types of yoga.

  • Laughing,
  • hot,
  • silent,
  • water,
  • and now rage.

And if you’ve ever thought you’re the only one who feels a need to release, then I see the oneness of spirit in both you and me. LOL.

Or one might say— namaste.


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