Sax in the city: Chris Godber playing Friday’s 4th annual Sound of Motown

Soon, Godber’s family was back in the U.S., living in Charleston, South Carolina. It was then that the young would-be musician joined middle school band. But there was another medical condition he would have to overcome – asthma. His doctors advised against playing the saxophone, which Godber said gave him the push he needed to prove them wrong.

“I was actually 50 percent deaf, until I was 5 years old,” Godber said. “I couldn’t hear very good at all. My parents thought I was ignoring them, until they found out there was an actual problem.”

We’ve got a special music experience lined up for downtown Montgomery on Friday. It’s free. It’s fun. It’s Motown and more, with saxophonist Chris Godber, the Soulful Sound Band, plus a DJ at the fourth annual Sound of Motown concert. The concert takes place in Union Station Train Shed, […]

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