Boone teen performs at Carnegie Hall for 36th Pops Gala

“It was a really awesome experience because I met a lot of other kids who are into the same thing as me,” Walton said. “Every time I go to one of these theater things, I just learn how much work it is and I love it. I love every second of it. Every time, I learn how much I want to do this as my career. But it’s a lot of work. No one’s going to teach you exactly the same so you have to prepare for anything.”

Broadway stars Alex Newell (center), Lena Hall (left of center) and Stark Sands (right of center) perform onstage during the Pops Gala. Peyton Walton is onstage to the left of Hall. One Boone native just wants to have fun — and make her way to the Broadway stage. Fifteen-year-old […]

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