Jimmy Herring To Tour With New Band, The 5 Of 7

Jimmy Herring To Tour With New Band, The 5 Of 7

From fatback, roadhouse R&B to more expansive, jazz-inflected explorations, The 5 of 7 demonstrates Herrings chops not just as a musician, but as a bandleader and catalyst.

The novel vocal element is just one more texture at his disposal. “With instrumental music,” he reflects, “people expect to hear your solos, but they’ve just heard you play the melody! You can overexpose your voice.

With Rick, I can play behind him, then step out with a solo, and give a fresh feeling to the song — take it to another place.”

10.04.19 Lincoln Theatre – Raleigh, NC

10.05.19 Neighborhood Theatre – Charlotte, NC

Hot on the heels of Jazz Fest raves – Widespread Panic guitarist Jimmy Herring unleashes his latest visionary concept upon the world: Jimmy Herring and The 5 of 7. Herring is no stranger to adventurous new environs: The North Carolina native has fearlessly honed his now-formidable technique via gigs […]

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