How To Learn Guitar The Smart Way.

A lot of friends ask me ” who is a good guitar teacher?”

Here’s what I say.

Some people are great guitar players but terrible teachers.

That’s just the way it works. Some people are super smart, know everything about a subject but just cannot teach.

They quickly get frustrated with a newbie, or they just play and play to show you how good they are.

Here are a few suggestions. I think these guys are both great players and teachers.

Tommy Emmanuel. Possibly the best ever in my book. If you only watch one video to learn guitar. This simple lesson is the best I have seen.Here’s why. This technique is genius. If you will slowly learn this you will teach your brain a syncopation that you will use to huge advantage. It seems simple but stay with it. At faster speeds it is an awesome way to play.

Marty Schwartz has a grab bag of great suggestions plus he is a natural teacher and a pro player. He has a ton of videos like this one.

Of course James Taylor does a good job on his website. A whole series of lessons.

The trick is this- start slow and simple. Don’t try to rock out at first. Be boring. Super boring. But stay with it.

Your mind will tell you all kinds of things to make excuses why you are the only human who’s fingers are different. It’s not true.

Stay with it. And take frequent breaks. Never practice frustration. ALways practice flowing with good feelings.

Darius Rucker Donates $2 Million To St Judes.

South Carolina’s own Darius Rucker’s 10th annual benefit concert has raised over $400,000 for St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Nashville. This brings his total raised for them to 2 million dollars in the last decade.



“ It’s an honor for us to help them continue such an important mission” said the singer.

His tweet celebrated the milestone.

I wanted to do everything I could to help those kids and the amazing doctors who work tirelessly to find cures, said Rucker. The singer for Hootie and the Blow Fish as well as his own solo career works to give in ways that make a big difference.

Thank you Darius Rucker.

Note- Visitors to Columbia, SC’s Five Points drop by the Hootie and The Blow Fish monument near the fountain for a selfie.

Caught by surprise in the studio Paul McCartney grabbed a bass and quickly learned James Taylor’s song to make music history.

Here’s Paul recently in Raleigh great as ever.


Paul McCartney played bass guitar on the original version of Carolina In My Mind in 1968.

It’s also said that George Harrison sang backup.




Here’s a version with the Dixie Chicks and James Taylor.

Carolina has made a major impression on popular music. A tradition we proudly support.

Jaw Dropping “Hit Me With You’re Best Shot”

From the ‘This Could Only Happen Once’ Department

The lady caught a nerf dart with no hands. And it’s priceless. So is her reaction.

Fun with nerf darts.

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Seen the latest rage? Yoga, that is. Rage Yoga. Check out this article.


How “Rage Yoga” Calms You Down

If you play music you already know the release that comes with slamming through a fast and furious song.

Pounding on a keyboard, thrashing a guitar, or beating drums.

And singing your heart out is very therapeutic.

Here’s a new method you’ll relate to.

Rage Yoga.


Makes sense. We’ve all built up ‘dark shadows’ inside. Yoga is a unifying practice so it makes sense to let go now and then and turn loose a few pent up emotions.

Yoga often results in open weeping anyway.

It has to do with letting go of pent up emotions when the body gets a release physically or emotionally.

Rage Yoga is a way to get in touch with your own personal tensions in a controlled setting. Smart, really.

Like music, there are all types of yoga.

  • Laughing,
  • hot,
  • silent,
  • water,
  • and now rage.

And if you’ve ever thought you’re the only one who feels a need to release, then I see the oneness of spirit in both you and me. LOL.

Or one might say— namaste.


Heartwarming Wedding From North Carolina Singer Idol Winner!


Scotty McCreery is from Garner, NC.

Did you see his stunning performances on American Idol? This guy has so much feeling in such a great voice!

He won the 10th Season of American Idol in 2011 and has since gone on to do great things.

Scotty and his wife Gabi were married June 16, 2018 in North Carolina.

Fanny Pack Flip Flops Hot For Summer

Hey it’s a hot new item.

So hot and finally you can get them!


The fanny pack flip flop is a big hit


and for good reason. A zippered compartment in the sandal keeps your keys and other items


right where you need them. Noteworthy. A sandal PLUS fanny  pack. All in one.


Think that’s something? You’ve gotta see the guitar shaped hotel?

Actor Musician Has Secretly Helped Children’s Hospitals For Years.

Actor Musician Keanu Reevse in South Carolina

Loss is a part of life but it seems some experience the hurt of loss in overwhelming doses. Hollywood star Keanu Reeves has seen his share of tragedy. Despite his success in movies such as The Matrix, Speed, and John Wick, the actors private life as been less than glamorous.

But it’s not what happens but rather how a person reacts to what happens that makes a difference. Keanu Reeves is dedicated to a positive outlook so he gives back with an understanding of what it means to hurt.

Reeves has often been cited for his generosity on and off movie sets. Reliable sources have stated that he has privately funded Children’s Hospitals and Cancer research. Reeves foundation is a hidden endeavor that benefits kids from all walks of life.


Stage Technology Lifts Used In Kitchen

Now tried and true stage tech is being used at home in the kitchen. Concealed appliances now go under the kitchen stage out of sight.
Years of clever Broadway and musical theatre techniques are now being used to save space and create friendlier spaces in the hiome.

Check out how innovation in the field of theatre and music has morphed into the home. A welcome way to use space more effectively and turn our home into a happier place.