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Machine Gun Kelly Dons Disguise on ‘Kimmel’ and Finds Out What People Really Think: ‘Not a Huge Fan’

Machine Gun Kelly is well aware that haters are everywhere. Eve after he scored a second straight No. 1 debut on the Billboard 200 albums chart with Mainstream Sellout, Colson Baker proved on Wednesday night’s (April 6) Jimmy Kimmel Live! that you can’t please all the people all the time.

In the “Machine Gun Kelly Undercover” bit, MGK went undercover in a suit and tie, had his tats covered up and donned a mousy brown wig, round eyeglasses and cheesy mustache to see what the word on the street really is about him. “I feel like this is what the profile picture of all the people that hate me look like,” he joked before venturing out onto Hollywood Blvd. to do some man-on-the-street reporting.

Like a pro, he softened up the first victim with an anodyne query about the recent Academy Awards ceremony, before asking the British visitor if she’s seen any famous people yet. Spoiler alert: not yet. But also, she added, the “whole blood drinking thing” is a bit unusual for her taste. “Congratulations on the wedding, please don’t sacrifice a goat after,” she added of his engagement to love Megan Fox.

The second interviewee, however, didn’t hold her fire when asked what her thoughts were on MGK. “Not a huge fan,” she said before slamming the rapper’s recent full-bore cross-over into pop-punk. “I think his new direction’s a little forced. “Totally,” the singer deadpanned into the camera.

He next asked a young woman if she thought MGK’s swoopy hair and bangs made him look a bit like jovial daytime talker Ellen DeGeneres. “No, I don’t see it,” she said, before reversing gears when he showed her a side-by-side photo comparison. “Yeah, the bangs. It’s the bangs for me,” she laughed, as he added, “a couple of beautiful ladies right there.”

After a fake Spider-Man blew up his spot and revealed his secret identity, Machine Gun finally found what he was looking for when a long-haired dude in a Black Veil Brides/Ice Nine Kills/Motionless in White “Trinity of Terror” tour t-shirt said he really likes the album, and, not for nothing, totally knew it was Colson from jump.

“I figured that out a little bit [ago],” he smiled, revealing that he was the guy who almost died for MGK when he jumped off the roof during a Venice Beach show. “Oh my God you’re him?!” Kelly said as footage rolled of the young man leaping off the tall building building during an MGK appearance. “Dude, you won MVP of that whole show!,” Kelly said excitedly as he signed a copy of the new album for his superfan.

Watch MGK get some real talk on Kimmel below.