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Los Angeles County Dropping Vaccine Proof for Indoor Mega Events

Los Angeles County will align with the state of California to drop proof-of-vaccination requirements for indoor mega events. The California Department of Public Health stated on March 18 that it would move the guidance for big indoor shows – events with 1,000 or more attendees – from requiring proof of vaccination or negative tests to strongly recommending the COVID-19 safety measures.

Yesterday, the Los Angeles County Public Health Department stated in a release that it would align with the state in dropping the requirements for indoor mega events on April 1. Masking, proof of vaccination and testing requirements have already been dropped for outside events.

While Los Angeles County will no longer require the safety measures due to multiple COVID metrics continuing to decline, the city of Los Angeles has yet to announce that it will remove the same requirements.

LA mayor Eric Garcetti signed a Public Health Order for the city on March 4 that continues to require proof of vaccination for indoor areas of music or concert venues, movie theaters, sports arenas and more.

The news of LA County dropping the requirements for indoor mega events was released alongside news that the latest COVID-19 variant BA.2 is increasing in the area. According to the release, by the end of February the BA.2 variant jumped nearly 2% week over week in sequenced specimens.

“Although LA County has identified a lower percentage of cases to date associated with BA.2 when compared to some other cities, this is a similar pattern as seen with previous new virus strains and residents should be prepared to mitigate the risk of increased transmission associated with this more infectious variant,” the LA County Public Health release states.