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Latina Anthems That Make Us Feel Powerful: ‘Bichota,’ ‘Todos Me Miran’ & More Staff Picks

With Women’s History Month in full swing, Billboard Latin‘s editors are sharing a list of songs that have become female anthems. From Gloria Trevi’s “Todo Me Miran” to Jenni Rivera’s “Inolvidable” to Karol G’s “Bichota,” see a few select songs that over the years have remained timeless, because of their powerful and unapologetic lyrical message.

Bebe, “Ella”

Why It’s an Anthem: It’s a dose of self-reflection on how powerful a woman can be — an open letter to remind of their greatness, of how you should always keep going, and how freedom and strength should always feel.

Favorite Lyric: “Hoy vas a ser la mujer, que te de la gana de ser (Today you are going to be the woman that you want to be)” — INGRID FAJARDO

Becky G & Karol G, “Mamiii”

Why It’s An Anthem: Drop me at your own peril. The most memorable breakup track in recent memory.

Favorite Lyric: “A veces no te cambian por algo mejor, y ni siquiera por algo más rico (Sometimes they don’t change you for something better, or even something that tastes better)” — LEILA COBO

Flans, “No Controles”

Why It’s an Anthem: This 1980s feminist anthem has stood the test of time thanks to a simple-yet-direct message that we can all get behind: “Don’t control me.”

Favorite Lyric: “No controles mi forma de vestir porque es total y a todo el mundo gusto/ No controles mi forma de pensar porque es total y a todos les encanta. (Don’t control the way I dress because everyone else likes it. Don’t control the way I think because everyone else loves how I think)” — GRISELDA FLORES

Gloria Trevi, “Todos me Miran”

Why It’s An Anthem: An anthem of empowerment after being in someone else’s clutches, but also a celebration of self-esteem. Everybody look at me!

Favorite Lyric: “Y mire la noche y ya no era oscura, era de lentejuelas (I looked at the night and it was no longer dark; it was made of rhinestones).” — L.C.

Jenni Rivera, “Inolvidable”

Why It’s An Anthem: In Jenni Rivera’s own words, she’s “unforgettable, baby.” A playful song that talks about how unique you are.

Favorite Lyric: “Lo mejor que te pasó, fue conocerme a tu edad, nunca olvidarás quién fui, eso lo puedo jurar (The best that has ever happened to you, was meeting me. You will never forget who I am, I can assure you of that)” — I.F.

Karol G, “Bichota”

Why It’s an Anthem: More than an edgy and sexy reggaetón banger, it’s about confidence, self-love, and being the baddest girl in town. Simply, it’s about being at another level.

Favorite Lyric: “Me siento bichota sin salir del bloque/ To’ me quieren partir y no tienen con qué (I feel bichota without leaving the block. Everyone wants to defeat me but they don’t have what it takes)” — JESSICA ROIZ

Lupita D’Alessio, “Mudanzas”

Why It’s an Anthem: Delivering a moving and passionate performance of this ultra-powerful song, Lupita D’Alessio will make any woman feel like a fearless lioness.

Favorite Lyric: “Porque soy mujer como cualquiera/ Con dudas y soluciones/ Con defectos y virtudes/ Con amor y desamor/ Suave como gaviota/ Pero felina como una leona (I’m a woman like the others. With doubts and solutions. With defects and virtues. With love and heartbreak. Gentle like a dove. But feline like a lioness)” — G.F.

Natalia Jimenez, “Creo En Mi” 

Why It’s an Anthem: Because when you’re at your absolute lowest, this timeless pop ballad will always remind you that you are unbeatable and unstoppable.

Favorite Lyric: “Vuelo libre, sobrevuelo las granadas/ Por el suelo, no me arrastro nunca más (I fly free, I fly over the grenades. I won’t crawl on the ground anymore)” — J.R.

Natti Natasha, “La Mejor Version de Mi” 

Why It’s an Anthem: On a personal level — this acoustic ballad about discovering your worth, overcoming a toxic relationship, and living your best life, arrived when I most needed it.

Favorite Lyric: “Que perdí mi tiempo, mientras tú ganabas, porque valgo mucho más de lo que imaginabas/ Y ahora estoy aquí, disfrutando la mejor versión de mí (That I wasted my time, while you won, because I’m worth much more than you imagined. And now I’m here, enjoying the best version of me)” — J.R.

Paulina Rubio, “Yo No Soy Esa Mujer”

Why It’s an Anthem: It is a female empowerment song that talks about the difference between loving someone and giving your life entirely to that person.

Favorite Lyric: “Yo no soy esa niña perdida la que firma un papel y te entrega su vida (I am not, that lost girl, the one who signs a paper and gives you her life)” — I.F.

Silvana Estrada, “Si Me Matan”

Why It’s an Anthem: The emerging Mexican singer-songwriter released this poignant song to be sung in unison by women in Mexico and in other Latin American countries that march on International Women’s Day (March 8) to demand rights and an end to violence against women.

Favorite Lyric: “Que como todas crecí con miedo, y aún así salí solita/ a ver estrellas, amar la vida (Like the others, I grew up in fear and even then, I went out alone to see the stars, to love life)” — G.F.

Thalia, “A Quien le Importa”

Why It’s an Anthem: Reprised by Thaliá, this is every hater’s comeuppance.

Favorite Lyric: “A quién le importa lo que yo haga? (Who cares what I do?)” — L.C.