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First Out: New Music From King Princess, Muna, Remi Wolf & More

Looking for some new music from your favorite queer artists? Billboard Pride is here to help with First Out, our weekly roundup of some of the best new music releases from LGBTQ artists.

From King Princess‘s touching new single, to Muna’s electro-pop-tinged return, check out just a few of our favorite releases from this week below.

King Princess, “For My Friends”

Sometimes, it’s important to let the people you love know that you’re grateful for them. That’s exactly what King Princess sets out to do on “For My Friends,” her heartwarming new song that reflects on that special kind of relationship with your besties where you can be 100% yourself around each other. The single’s woozy, synth-focused production adds layers of emotion to the singer’s impassioned ode to her confidantes, as she thanks them for being there for her, even when she’s made it tough. “It can get dark but still, I know you’re waiting,” she coos on the chorus. “Loving me takes patience.”

Muna, “Anything But Me”

What would happen if Robyn and Shania Twain had three very queer daughters who also happened to be incredible songwriters and musicians in their own right? You’d probably get something like “Anything But Me,” the stunning new single from pop trio Muna, where the three stars flex their growth over the last 5 years of their career in a single song. Mixing their electro-pop synth stylings with some country-pop beats and guitar licks, Muna focus their attention on the words of their new ditty, as they cheerfully let a lover know that it’s been fun, but it’s over now. “It’s all love and it’s no rеgrets, you can call me if/ There’s anything you need,” they sing. “Anything, anything but me.”

Still Woozy & Remi Wolf, “Pool”

While fans may have gotten to know pop artist Remi Wolf as an agent of pure chaos, they’ll find a brand new side of her in her new collaboration with Still Woozy on “Pool.” The simple, chilled-out single sees Wolf embracing her softer side, while complementing Woozy’s laid-back style in this simplistic, lovely little love ballad. “I don’t really know where my head’s at/ I just know my heart’s not there yet,” the pair sing on the chorus. “Or maybe I’m just crazy/ About the thought of thinking I adore you.”

Syd & Lucky Daye, “CYBAH”

As far as announcing a sophomore album goes, Syd clearly knows what she’s doing. On her new single “CYBAH” (which stands for “Can You Break A Heart”), The Internet frontwoman teams up with R&B star Lucky Daye to give fans a taste of what’s coming off of her next solo LP, Broken Hearts Club. If the song is any indication, fans are in for a treat — “CYBAH” shifts between smooth, stunning vocals and mercurial production that will have you experiencing bliss from the moment it begins to the second it’s over.

Princess Nokia, “No Effort”

If you’re looking to gas yourself up this weekend, Princess Nokia has got your back. “No Effort,” the latest from the fast-rising rapper, sees Nokia taking aim at those who claim to be her equals, letting them know from the jump who’s the real royalty. As the beat picks up, so do the bars, as Nokia switches effortlessly between touting her accomplishments and ripping apart her “basic” opponents. It’s the kind of mood-boost we all aspire to, and one that will certainly make your Friday that much more fun.