Ed Sheeran & Bring Me the Horizon’s ‘Bad Habits’ Collaboration Has Arrived: Listen

Ed Sheeran and Bring Me the Horizon‘s poprock collaboration is here. After teaming up at the 2022 Brit Awards on Feb. 8 for a rock ‘n’ roll take on Sheeran’s “Bad Habits,” the pop star and the rock band have released the studio version of track on Thursday (Feb. 17) for their fans to enjoy.

Bring Me the Horizon’s lead singer Oli Sykes and Sheeran first shared the news of an official studio version of the song on Valentine’s Day. They made the announcement on their social media accounts by posting a FaceTime video call between the two singers, along with a pre-save link to their collaboration.

In the call, the pair discussed their  “controversial” version of “Bad Habits” at the Brits, which, in an unexpected surprise to viewers, featured guttural screams from Sykes. “That show was nuts,” Sheeran said during the video chat. “It’s just a joy to be able to play electric guitar and actually rock out properly.”

“So many people are asking for a studio version, it’s mental,” Sykes said, to which Sheeran replied, “We have to get one out. Do you think we can turn it around fast?”

Sheeran’s collaboration with Bring Me the Horizon is not the only rock project that he’s attempting get off the ground. Cradle of Filth‘s Dan Filth revealed in an interview with Consequence that the “Bad Habits” singer has reached out for a potential collaboration.

“Ed’s expressed a desire to be part of a song, and we’re currently looking at some options, and that’s about as far as it’s got,” Filth said. “He did invite me up to his house — he doesn’t live very far from me, probably 18 to 20 miles from where I live.”

He added, “The thing that interests me, if we would undertake [the collaboration], the juxtaposition between what we do and what he does.”

Listen to the official audio for Ed Sheeran and Bring Me the Horizon’s version of “Bad Habits” below.