Desperately Seeking Actors: Madonna’s Biopic Is Now Auditioning

Madonna’s biopic is not only happening, it’s now at the casting stage.

The Material Girl’s self-directed film, or “visual autobiography,” as she describes it, is still very much under lock and key.

Though Madonna has taken to social media to confirm that her project is moving forward.

In the new clip, the pop superstar can be seen getting into the groove, dancing in a studio to her 1983 classic “Burning Up.”

“Auditions for my film are a surreal experience,” she writes. “But I’m enjoying dancing to the classics!”

It’s not that others haven’t tried telling the Madonna story for the big screen. They’ve tried, and failed. And, in her own words, she’s taking the reins to get it right.

One studio sent her a draft script, which she described as “the most hideous superficial crap I ever read,” she told Jimmy Kimmel during a late-night interview last October. And the studio tapped a “total misogynist” to direct, she continued.

“Why would these people make a movie about my life?,” she continued. “There’s nothing true in the script, the guy who is making it has no understanding of women, no appreciation of women, no respect for women.” Later in October, she announced her own script was “almost finished.”

Madonna’s 14th and most recent studio album, 2019’s Madame X, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

With that feat, Madonna continued to have the second-most No. 1 albums in the U.S. among female artists with nine, trailing only Barbra Streisand, who has 11.

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