How To Learn Guitar The Smart Way.

A lot of friends ask me ” who is a good guitar teacher?”

Here’s what I say.

Some people are great guitar players but terrible teachers.

That’s just the way it works. Some people are super smart, know everything about a subject but just cannot teach.

They quickly get frustrated with a newbie, or they just play and play to show you how good they are.

Here are a few suggestions. I think these guys are both great players and teachers.

Tommy Emmanuel. Possibly the best ever in my book. If you only watch one video to learn guitar. This simple lesson is the best I have seen.Here’s why. This technique is genius. If you will slowly learn this you will teach your brain a syncopation that you will use to huge advantage. It seems simple but stay with it. At faster speeds it is an awesome way to play.

Marty Schwartz has a grab bag of great suggestions plus he is a natural teacher and a pro player. He has a ton of videos like this one.

Of course James Taylor does a good job on his website. A whole series of lessons.

The trick is this- start slow and simple. Don’t try to rock out at first. Be boring. Super boring. But stay with it.

Your mind will tell you all kinds of things to make excuses why you are the only human who’s fingers are different. It’s not true.

Stay with it. And take frequent breaks. Never practice frustration. ALways practice flowing with good feelings.

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