Meet Kate Rhudy and The DIY Country Music Scene

Meet Kate Rhudy and The DIY Country Music Scene

In the hours before her daily shift at her restaurant, Kate talks feminism in the south, DIY in country music, and sometimes feeling like a total fake.

Kate Rhudy: Humor is the way my brain works. It’s how I’m able to process things. I think it’s a way of not letting something stay a demon forever in your mind, and thats what songs are for me in some kind of way — taking a bad experience and wrapping it up and putting a bow on it and letting it be what it was. Not being too precious about it but being able to bundle it up and then put it aside.

KR: In the past three years I’ve formed some relationships especially with people who are in my band and other bands in the triangle and it’s really sweet. The best thing about my music community is not my life all the time, my community is my restaurant and my roommates and thats really nice. I feel like that is really nourishing and music isn’t in my face all the time. I’m glad to have both i feel lucky to have both: a good music family and a good immediate community.

SS: What do you like about living in Raleigh? How does Raleigh allow you to make the music that you do or live the life that you want?

It’s a quieter, slower moving life here. I live in a neighborhood. I can walk to work. I know the bartenders at the bar down the street, they’ll open the pool table so you can play for free. It’s some sort of routine or tradition.

Kate Rhudy loves the service industry. “Even if I’m a musician full time I hope that I can always pick up shifts at a restaurant someday,” she says with a calming earnestness “I still kind of hope that I am able to be at home.” From her kitchen in […]

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