Game changer or novelty? Check out ZenDrum

When you are the drum machine

Keeping the beat with great sounding pads played with finger taps.

The ZenDrum is a wearable strap on drum played with the hands and fingers.

Technology allows versatile programming of real drum sounds and cymbals plus other percussion instruments such as cowbell and woodblock.

This instrument has the potential to make a real difference in live performance.

Instant drums and they sound good. You’ll see in a minute how they fit right in.

But first a quick rundown of how a Zendrum works. Skip to about 4:00 for drumming.

The Zendrum is a fast way to set up and be done quickly. No drum stands, cases, and time consuming mic placement.

Of course old school drummers will hate Zendrum and start a petition but keep in mind that Dylan was booed for playing an electric guitar. The Grand Ole Opry would not allow drums for the loingest time.

Innovation is good. But is Zendrum the one? Could be.

Check out this performance by Chocolate Chip and Company, close your eyes and find the drummer.

The technology for ZenDrum has been around for over 20 years. Now it has come of age in a useful application.


But can it do this Phil Collins Drum Run from In The AIr Tonight? Check it out

Or this awesome Hawaii Five 0 intro

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