SECU Foundation Helps NC Symphony Carry Music Education Across the State!

The NC Symphony works in conjunction with the NC Department of Public Instruction to develop programs within its music education curriculum, including a focus on the impact music education has in areas such as math, reading, and intellectual and social development. The orchestra hosts an average of 50 school concerts/programs annually and receives more requests than they can meet. The new van will provide the organization with the capacity to provide more offerings of its Ensemble in the Schools, Music Discovery, and Instrument Zoos programs, expanding the reach for an additional 1,000 individuals to experience orchestral pieces played by world-class talent.

L to R: Sandi Macdonald, NC Symphony President/CEO; Don Davis, NC Symphony Board Chair; Grant Llewellyn, NC Symphony Music Director; Mike Lord, President/CEO of SECU and the SECU Foundation; McKinley Wooten, Jr., SECU and SECU Foundation Board member; and Jama Campbell, SECU Foundation Executive Director. The NC Symphony works […]

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