What Life Is Like Inside The Tiny Town In North Carolina Where Cars Are Banned

When you visit Love Valley, North Carolina, you’ll be traveling by trail instead of roads and typical streets. Why is that?

Well this small village in the Brushy Mountains of North Carolina has a rule.

No Cars Allowed.

That’s right. In 1954 a man combined two ideas when he founded this town. He wanted a Christian Community AND he wanted to be a cowboy. So Andy Barker left his job in Charlotte and headed for the hills.

His small village of Love Valley was just that with no whimsical dream of tourism.

But who doesn’t want to visit such a place? So welcome to Love Valley, North Carolina.

No Cars allowed. That means if you want to get around you’ll either walk or ride a horse.

The Church still stands. Of course there’s a church. Ten years in, 1963 the town was incorporated, Andy’s Father was named mayor and as they say. the rest is history.

The town’s main street..er, trail, is named Henry Barker Trail and even though many residents do have cars, they don’t bring them to town.

If you want something from the store, walk or saddle up and cantor on in. Locals know the rules and like them.

Visitors are welcome and they can even rent a horse. But you’ll leave your car in a nearby lot.

Love Valley has a general store, a cafe, local bar, a gift shop with ice cream, a feed and tack store and there’s Miss Kitty’s Room and Board.

Yearly arena rodeos and other horse events are open to the public.

Love Valley is about 16 miles north of Statesville. On the web it’s Town of Love Valley.com

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

Local Carolina Teenager attacked by a shark.

Paige Winter was at a local beach, Fort Macon near Atlatic Beach, NC. She was attacked by a shark. Her Dad, a firefighter was there and punched the shark and helped Paige to safety. She lost a leg and has other serious injuries.

Here is how you can help. Just click here or copy and paste on the link and read more at the GoFundMe site.

Prayers For Paige organized by Jenny Garcia

Today, a family’s life changed in a matter of seconds. A family day spent at the beach ended with a horrific shark attack. A 17 year old girl would have her life completely turned upside down. Due to the severity of the attack, amputation of the left leg above the knee was inevitable.

Carolina Flag Day World’s Largest

Once upon a time…

Flag Day is the day the United States Flag was adopted in 1777. It was June 14 and that’s the way it’s been done ever since.

It became semi official in 1916 by a proclamation from then President Woodrow Wilson then official; in 1949.

Here’s the WikiLink if you want to read about.

Gastonia NC is the place where you will find the large flag. I’ve been by many times. It’s awesome.

And here’s the Betsy Ross House. Very nice.

Image by By Coolcaesar at the English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6410841